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Chicken!!! Instant classic right there :) I love this piece and I've done it live on several occasions so I'm partial, but sounds good enough to me. Bass is the best part about this, though.

sorohanro responds:

Thanks :)
I'm glad that you like it.

Nice concept, sort of video-game-ish if I'm being totally honest. A very nice melody and counterpoint, but you need to flesh it out more, obviously. Good luck, scouted!

Piano sounds a bit "choppy" in my taste... A little more longevity on the notes would have been nice, or perhaps a longer reverb. It's mostly how the notes just end in wrong places. Also, have the same velocity on the same chord over and over again sounds very unnatural, which towards the end becomes a real issue, since there's no dynamic change inside each chord.

The guitar dies out too dramatically with that dive at the end; could have been a fade out or a bend in my opinion. I like the sound of the guitar though - it that feedback or an E-bow?

Not an amazing piece of composition by any stretch, but good for what it's meant to do :) Loops very well, and isn't too aggressive on the ear. Nice "shuffle"-ish beat. Overall, it's pretty okay :)

sorohanro responds:

Thanks for the input.
I see what I can do about the piano, maybe just make the notes longer and let them fade naturally.
The guitar is actually a synth and I faded i out. Maybe I'll put a delay on it's tail to compensate the abrupt fade.

Right off the bat, sound great. A mysterious air, but a happy and complete vibe as well.

The guitar should have kept going with the synth! At least in the background of the track... There is no connection between the two parts at 1:22. Too bad.

As a guitarist myself, I can relate to why this is a difficult track to play. One thing you probably should try to work on is in the guitar part that plays the chords you should really try to make the chords sustain longer then their own bar. Don't "choke" the chord the moment you finish playing it. A great example of a player who does that great is Anouk's guitar player on her song "Nobodys Wife".

Sound-Wise sound pretty good, although some spring reverb might have been awesome to add to the vibe. The percussion could have been a bit stronger in the mix. Besides that, the sound is really good and complete.

Overall, a really really cool song, with a very interesting melody and chord progression. I'm just in a critical mood today :P Keep it up!

phosphorusprocedure responds:

Thanks! I'll try my best to take these points into consideration!

Cool and fun track! Really does have a cheery sound to it.

The Mix is really painful, though. Sound-wise, you have to EQ the whole track so it's a bit more mellow and less painful to listen to. Try to listen to it on the best speakers you can find (a car's speakers are also a good way to try and find out where you went wrong in the mix). Perhaps fill the low end with some bass to even out the whole track.

A good start, but still needs some polishing in my opinion.

JimmyTheCaterpillar responds:

I probably have the shittiest recording system in the world, and I'm trying to find something better.

Pretty awesome sounding riff! Some part are of rhythm a bit, but a pretty cool loop. Can see it in an extreme flash game (like like that one with the shark). Pretty cool!

The guitars have tad too much distortion in my opinion, could be fixed with only some EQing. The snare drum could be a bit stronger in the mix. The whole mix itself is a bit muddy.

Cool riff overall!

The piano sound is pretty good, what is it?

But generally, pretty weak... First of all, I'm not sure you're allowed to use any audio from the original song. If you didn't, then it explains the actual track. Out of rhythm, not in key... Not a good version of the song in my opinion. Horrible guitar sound...

I'm a huge fan of Eluveitie, and I didn't like it. Try harder next time!

etK responds:

old song omg!

Sounds cool

I really like this song, and I'm actually working on a cover version right now :)

Nice guitar and remixing as well, overall a great track, obviously Cee Lo Green's vocals are amazing. A huge multitude of sounds and feels.

Awesome job!

P.S. - Where did you get the vocal track?

ToliveAnimations responds:

Thanks for the review. I got the vocals from acapellas4u.

MMS is an awesome project

I just feel high by this amazing piece of experimental sounds working well together... I can never make a truly ambient piece, I can see why that was so hard. Great job!

Nice guitar work, Sine, loved hearing something familiar inside this waterfall of sounds...

One of the first ambient tracks I could truly get lost inside without feeling a bit stupid. Awesome work, guys!

Mich responds:

Woo, glad you enjoyed it CoreMan. :)

Thanks for the review!


This is really well made, sounds great, and an awesome cover. Very creepy in it's own way.

SessileNomad responds:

its a pretty creep song to begin with, pretty though

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