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Really awesome

hania topped herself once again. Awesome music.

Made me lol so bad...

That I'm actually going to buy the book. Great job once again, Explosm!

Pretty smooth fight, but...

All the other things are missing. If you resubmitted this with a preloader, some music, a story and a replay button, I'd happily give this 6-7. Make it longer, have more sticks fighting, more blood, gore, weapons - anything really.

Good luck!

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Love it!

I'm absolutely addicted! Oh, and the Jey Leno quote was hilarious.


Thanks a lot. man! Great idea and it's really fun to randomize!

A few suggestions -
- Visualizer on/off.
- Search artist? If you can do it...
- Themes (aka colours, not very important but nifty)
- Some ratings or/and description of the song.


You said that you never finish projects? The solution is to focus on one project and put effort into stuff. This is extremely basic, not interesting, and nothing gives me incentive to give you a bigger score then 0. Even this game with some music would have jumped the score up.

I recommend starting a new, more interesting project. Good luck!

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Chicken!!! Instant classic right there :) I love this piece and I've done it live on several occasions so I'm partial, but sounds good enough to me. Bass is the best part about this, though.

sorohanro responds:

Thanks :)
I'm glad that you like it.

Nice concept, sort of video-game-ish if I'm being totally honest. A very nice melody and counterpoint, but you need to flesh it out more, obviously. Good luck, scouted!

Piano sounds a bit "choppy" in my taste... A little more longevity on the notes would have been nice, or perhaps a longer reverb. It's mostly how the notes just end in wrong places. Also, have the same velocity on the same chord over and over again sounds very unnatural, which towards the end becomes a real issue, since there's no dynamic change inside each chord.

The guitar dies out too dramatically with that dive at the end; could have been a fade out or a bend in my opinion. I like the sound of the guitar though - it that feedback or an E-bow?

Not an amazing piece of composition by any stretch, but good for what it's meant to do :) Loops very well, and isn't too aggressive on the ear. Nice "shuffle"-ish beat. Overall, it's pretty okay :)

sorohanro responds:

Thanks for the input.
I see what I can do about the piano, maybe just make the notes longer and let them fade naturally.
The guitar is actually a synth and I faded i out. Maybe I'll put a delay on it's tail to compensate the abrupt fade.

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The drawing pen is mightier then a huge eye-stabbing stake.

Wait... Fuck.


'Ello! I'm TheCoreMan. I'm the messenger of Pineapples upon earth. I can't begin to tell you how awesome Pineapples are, even not with the 71 characters I have remaining to this blurb. Check out my music. You've come all the way to my page, so come on.

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