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'Ello! I'm TheCoreMan. I'm the messenger of Pineapples upon earth. I can't begin to tell you how awesome Pineapples are, even not with the 71 characters I have remaining to this blurb. Check out my music. You've come all the way to my page, so come on.

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thecoreman's News

Posted by thecoreman - December 7th, 2009

7 and a half hours of work without even bathroom breaks, first time using Fruity Loops and I really had to struggle with this wierd musical tool, implanting my new and finger-ripping theory and technique lessons into my blues improvisation, a lot of hours each day practicing, and money spent brand new equipment...

And all I get are Zero-Bombs.

Zerobombers, if you see this - Your mother still owes me 20 bucks from yesterday night, but you can tell her it's okay - she's a favorite costumer. Tell her to bring condoms next time, though - we don't want any more of YOU.


The song, BTW - 7 and a Half of ROCK.

Posted by thecoreman - November 6th, 2009

I'm having a great time here in newgrounds. We're doing a cover version to "Ed's Love Exchange - 634-5789" from the "Blues Brothers 2000" movie!

We have a few spots still OPEN! Join now! NOW!

Rhythm guitars - Me
Solo guitar 1 - Me
Solo guitar 2 - Kor-Rune
Solo guitar 3 - Zhurial
Solo guitar 4 - ForNoReason
Solo guitar 5 - Skela
Bass guitar - loansindi
Singing 1 - Me
Singing 2 - ForNoReason
Drums - OPEN!!!!! <=== WE WANT DRUMS!
Brass - Sorohanro (?)
Keys and Hammond - Sorohanro (?)
Electronics (effects, EQing, mixing) - OPEN!

Link to the thread in the audio forum!

Posted by thecoreman - September 5th, 2009

Me and my band, "The Chi-Mo's", performed in Zerar Bachar center in front of about 100-200 people. It happend in It was our first professional big performence, so it's very exciting. Liad on drums, Taeer on Bass Guitar, Ynon on 2nd guitar and me on lead guitar and vocals. We performed at 2:30 AM, but it's still pretty awesome. We got the crowd really jazzed up and by the end they were jumped, screaming and singing along with our original (!) song.

This is the first song we played. Knocking on Heaven's Door, one of my Guns n' Roses most loved songs.

/* */
We played this 2nd, Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze". Undoubtably an awesome song. It was funny though, we wanted to perform with 1 cover and 2 originals, and the arrangers said we have to do 2 covers. We learned how to play Purple Haze in 3 days, and did only one rehearsel on it. We were really stressed out about this one, but it came out alright.

/* */
We finished the set with this original song - It's All About The Music. You can hear a different version of this song in NewGrounds, we have a recording from rehearsels of this song in here somewhere. So anyway, you can really hear the crowd going wild and singing along at some points even that it's an original and they haven't heard it before - it was great.

/* */
And in other news...
- I'm taking part in the NewGrounds One Minute Massacre project. It's pretty awesome. I already did
my part, so it's up to everybody else to finish it and make it an awesome me'fer. Link to it in the BBS.

- The NewGrounds Jam Session project is dead. Well, not completly dead, but reported missing. Last time seen in the first page was like a week ago. Keep it alive, people! Support the cause. The NewGrounds Jam Session project.

- I know I haven't posted new music in a while, and I'm sorry people. But I'm learning Modes at the moment (it's motherfucking RAD), and I'm ship-shopping my technique. So I don't have too much time writing and recording new songs. I have an acoustic thing that I was working on, but it kind of got repressed. So you'll have to wait until I understand my Modes better, and when I'll have that in my head all neat and organized I promise to put new stuff on.

Thanks a lot if you actually read all this. Peace out.

P.S. - Even though I'm drowning in work at real-life at the moment, I'm always up for a collab. If anyone's interested PM me.

Posted by thecoreman - August 17th, 2009

If you want to see what's all this about, clickthis clicky link thingy.

I've always looked for people to jam with. The chase after musicians to play with is never-ending for me. Then I come home, turn on the computer, and figure out that all the awesome musicians are right here in NewGrounds. So I want to the AP, and started the NewGrounds Jam Session Project. It's a place where NewGrounds's musicians can just jam together. It's pretty simple. Go check it out.

The first recorded and done piece is already up - it's me on guitar, Big Red (aka tingtonger) on keys, doing a blues jam session based off Tommy Emmanuel's song called "Stevie's Blues". Tommy is a great musician, and one of my favorites, and it was really fun to do a jam session based off his stuff. Check it out.

So yeah, that's what new on that topic. It's pretty awesome. Something else that happens - my band's recordings might be up here soon, check in to see when I upload it! Dun-dun-duuunnn...

Posted by thecoreman - July 6th, 2009

I'm getting a new, awesome, good-sound, nice-build, and FREE acoustic guitar! YAY!

Ashton's OM35SCEQ

And some new music is up, check it out!

Awesomeness is Awesome.

Posted by thecoreman - April 10th, 2009

A friend loaned me a Slide, and I'm learning how to play it. It's really difficult but it's cool when you can pull off a good sound, it gives a countrish sound.

Any tips welcomed.

P.S. - New songs!
Loneliness Guaranteed and the evolving of it, Blues on the Rocks.

I'm learning Bottleneck Guitar!

Posted by thecoreman - March 13th, 2009

Wishing They Were Here - an improvisation on one of the greatest creations of music's recent history.

Rising Legend Theme Song III - I think it came out pretty neat. It's for BIG DREAMERS ENTERTAINMENT's game to come called "Rising Legend".

Black Panther. Check it out.

Posted by thecoreman - December 25th, 2008

So, I started working with Bloodfest, one of the most talented musicians in NewGrounds. We only got "Saturday Mornin' Blues" on the meantime, but I think we'll some more coming up.

I watched "Pineapple Express" and it's recommended. It's, like, the highest movie EVER. You can't stop laughing. It's with this dude who played the bad joker guy in Spider-Man 2, I think, can't remember his name...

So, anyway, I uploaded a lot of new music, check it out and leave comments!

Bloodfest, new music and Pineapple Express

Posted by thecoreman - December 12th, 2008

That right. More news to come. Listen and comment.

Posted by thecoreman - February 4th, 2008

The Smoking Kills Collab is my first collab. It was really fun to help making it and have a thread that you can allways post in. I admit it, my animation kinda sucked, but you gotta start somewhere...